Claude Yebo,Jeremie Asimwe,Erick Arakaza,G-Marl JamalYoung people are busy working out who they are and where they fit in the world. They try out different identities, experiment with different styles of dress and might try out a range of different activities and hobbies. Getting involved in local community activities or volunteering can boost teenagers’ confidence and self-esteem and help them build new skills.

‘’I have learnt the hard way that only by giving young people genuine opportunity to express themselves can help them grow emotionally, intellectually and socially ” _Rachdar Abubakar (Jamal ) Giraneza,Founder,FNTS MOVEMENT INC

It doesn’t matter what teenagers do. Any involvement is good! When you get involved in community activities, you get a lot of personal rewards and feelings of achievement

Role models

By getting involved with community activities, teenagers can come into contact with like-minded peers and positive adult role models other than their parents. Interacting and cooperating with other adults encourages teenagers to see the world in different ways. It puts their own family experiences and values into a wider context. Being involved in community activities can give your child a positive way of understanding who he/she is. As a result, he/she might come to see himself/herself as helpful, generous, political or just a ‘good’ person in general. Being involved in community activities can also help create a sense of being connected to him/ her local community and the wider world.


Community activities give teenagers the chance to apply the skills they already have. For example, your child could use the cooking skills he’s learned at home at a community sausage sizzle or at a soup kitchen. Voluntary work and community activities are also great opportunities to show initiative and develop skills to get a job. Being able to manage free time while balancing leisure, work and study is an important life skill. Being part of community activities could motivate your child to get more organised and start to manage his/her own time.

Self-confidence, mental health and wellbeing

Community activities can boost teenagers’ self-confidence. Your child can learn to deal with challenges, communicate with different people and build up his life skills and abilities in a supportive environment. This is also good for your child’s self-esteem. It’s also a great foundation for general and mental health and wellbeing. It can be very positive psychologically for young people to have something that gets them involved, where others expect them to turn up and take part, and where they’re supported to achieve something as part of a group. These positive feelings can help protect young people from sadness and depression. Being involved in some kind of community activity can also reduce the likelihood of substance abuse, mental illness and criminal activity.