Expresstival is the annual highlight of anti-poverty week In Western Australia. The Purpose of this event is to unite Western Australia’s diverse community in conversations about poverty through creative expression.

There are over 2.5 million Australians that live below the poverty line and approximately 10,000 homeless by removing the stigmas and beliefs that isolate those experience poverty in our community.
Our Team of Volunteers works actively in partnership with various organisation and local groups to connect our greater community with each other and vital support services.


We have experienced that music and art help to remove barriers that otherwise may not be displaced, such as social status, ethnicity and religion. It is upon this premise that Expresstival was created. It is an event to build awareness, encourage connectedness and build resiliency into low socioeconomic communities. Our motivation for creating such an event was to build pride amongst creative people in the community, especially those from modest backgrounds.

By engaging people through music and art we give our diverse community an opportunity to engage with the issues associated with poverty in a non-confronting way.

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