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Who: The  Participants ( Youth  )

What: The Program focuses on youth devising their own creative performance

Discover the world of theatre in a fun and stimulating learning environment. Each workshop provides a diverse assortment of theatre activities and exercises that aim to provide children with a hands on approach to drama.

Within the few sessions of workshops, a unique program is developed based on the skills and interests of the group. This ensures that every semester is programmed to meet the specific needs/wants of the group and the opportunity for the ensemble to creatively express who they are.

It will be based on their stories and we encourage young actors to think of what going on their own communities. This could be issues related to sexual health, mental health, homelessness etc…

As youth  devise and develop their own imaginative storyline, a focus is also placed on the narrative of the story (orientation, climax/complication and resolution) and the journey of each individual character. As students build upon their performance making skills and work towards their end of semester group-devised performances.

Why: Evidence shows that there is a great need to improve sexual health knowledge,attitudes and behaviours amongst young people and drama has been proven to be an effective strategy for this.

When: This a 12 months program 

First semester: Rehearsals

Second semester: Production work. This is a chance to act professional in front of camera and be well produced.

Final stage: Showcase. We will provide an opportunity for all students to come to a Red Carpet event for the movie launch at the end of each Project. This will be a chance for you to invite your family and friends.


  • Team building theatre games to develop your confidence within their performance ensemble and explore their favourite story themes and characters.

  • Idea-generation activities that drive the students group devised narrative forward.

  • Performance activities that explore drama terminology, performance etiquette and stage presence.

  • Vocal activities to ensure that they speak clearly and accurately on stage/for Camera while also developing a strong character voice appropriate to their performance work.

  • Movement activities throughout the stage space, ensuring that they understand spatial awareness with other characters. They will also explore stage areas along with suitable body positioning to ensure that all members of the audience can see them.

  • Developing strategies for creative thinking and participating in a creative process where their imaginative thoughts can be translated on to the stage.

  • A creative exploration of costume application appropriate for their devised performance depending on the play’s time and setting.

  • Energetic and innovative theatre activities students also develop their understanding of the elements of Drama and Improvisation Techniques while working within their ensemble.

  • Developing their ability to perform with the technical aspects of a live theatre performance such as lighting, sound and cinematic projections.

Some youth within this age group (who are up for the challenge) explore short-scripted extracts that are included within their group-devised performance piece.

During some Drama Club Workshop Programs, students will devise with their group the performance and will also receive a script detailing the lines of dialogue that they have developed in class.

Personal Skills Explored Performance Skills Explored

Confidence and Self-Esteem

− Language and Communication skills

− Working within a team environment

− Creative thinking

− Friendships

− Idea-Generation

− Presentation skills

− Group interaction skills

Performing for camera

− Building a character and narrative

− Performing group-devised plays

− Voice and movement activities

− Develop understanding of Elements of Drama

− Develop understanding of Improvisation

− Costume application