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 Networking group | A social club

Linking Youth with Professionals.


The purpose of this event to link professionals with young people,to contribute and channel the youth voices and energy .


The annual event will provide an opportunity for young people from culturally diverse communities  to meet professionals,celebrate diversity and be encouraged to participate in their community.

It is an opportunity to form new friendships and network with  people who have similar passions and goals. Especially for the young people who needs to succeed and for professionals who are looking forward  to work with youth.

Young Proffessional set a day aside every year to promote the increased recognition of youth as key agents for social change, economic growth and sustainable development in all areas. It is an occasion to celebrate the youth in the western Australia, opportunity to contribute and channel youth motivation, energy and creativity towards the achievement of the young generation’s agenda


The Celebrations  takes the format of Formal ‘’Red Carpet Event’’ and The theme for our first  celebration is “opportunities and achievement ’’.


First  event will launch in 2018/2019